Day 3/31 – To Burn

October 5, 2016

Victoria Elena, Studio Self Portrait: July 2016

This is an installment of a daily project I’m launching for the month of October. I’ll create work revolving around the theme of identity and regrowth and I’ll update my blog with behind the scenes content, process, and finished artwork. Click through to read more. Catch up on the ongoing narrative here.


“You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again. And I will wait for you.
― Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Brothers Karamazov


This is a self portrait taken in my studio one day in July. I love exploring self portraits. I love seeing how I’ve changed over time – what poses do I fall back on, how do I interact with the camera, how am I lighting the area. This particular one was strange to me because I never usually face the camera straight on. I guess you can hide yourself by changing what part of yourself you put towards the camera, even if it’s only a subtle variation.

Deadly Nightshade by Victoria Elena

I was asked why I started a project like this. More specifically, I was asked about what this project means to me. Ten years ago, I had a class assignment to write a letter to my future self. Our teacher promised to mail all of the letters in ten year’s time. I remember writing the letter so vividly – asking questions about art and the process and whether or not I was really doing the work.

Cut to five years ago, I stumbled across many daily challenges that were floating around online. Flickr had a very popular one where artists would post self portraits of themselves every day, having manipulated them in such ways that they became stories and magic. Tumblr had a few, too. One in particular was Katelan Foisy’s daily project. Hers was more of a diary and an experiment – pushing the boundaries of making art and chronicling the journey for her readers.

Ever since seeing these projects, I’ve wanted to do my own daily thing, but it would always allude me. Only when I realized how many years had passed did I really sit down and put this together. It’s an experiment and it’s a challenge. What can I create within 30 days that is meaningful to me, and what stories can I tell you to feel a better connection both to you and to myself? Those are the questions I want to answer in this month’s time. We’ll see in time where this project leads me.



Here are some links elsewhere to artists and projects that have inspired me greatly these past few weeks. Check them out and send them some love!

Katelan Foisy, and her daily project which can be found at Dangerous Combinations.

Richey Beckett and his gorgeous pen and ink drawings on his instagram.

Amanda Palmer, and her song “In My Mind”.


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