Day 2/31 – The Snake

October 4, 2016

Snake Illustration by Victoria Elena

This is an installment of a daily project I’m launching for the month of October. I’ll create work revolving around the theme of identity and regrowth and I’ll update my blog with behind the scenes content, process, and finished artwork. Click through to read more. Catch up on the ongoing narrative here.

The Snake

I had the most fun drawing this snake’s skin. I went over those scales numerous times, with each layer infusing just a little more detail and a little more attention and love. In a lot of ways, I feel like I’m identifying with the snake during this project. I love the idea of shedding old skin and old habits to make way for newer ones.

I spent last night cutting up fine art paper into little 5x5s and 4x4s. There’s now a huge stack of them waiting for me to draw something on them with my new dip pens. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been creating.


The Process

Snake Progress by Victoria Elena Snake Progress by Victoria Elena Snake Progress by Victoria Elena

Daily Tarot


The Magician Tarot Card by Victoria Elena

I love this card. He’s the first card the Fool meets on his journey through the Major Arcana. To me, he signifies a period of learning, growth, and concentration. Perfect for this project.




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