Day 29/31 – Sketchbook Drawings

November 9, 2016


This is an installment of a daily project I’m launching for the month of October and November. I’ll create work revolving around the theme of identity and regrowth and I’ll update my blog with behind the scenes content, process, and finished artwork. Click through to read more. Catch up on the ongoing narrative here


Bird Drawing by Victoria Elena

I find myself losing days lately. I spent the afternoon looking through my work and mapping out where I’d like to go from here. I always have new ideas and directions that I want to take, but I find that while working towards the completion of one project, I’m quickly swept up in a new one. That’s not always a bad thing necessarily. The more you try new things, the closer you are to finding the one thing that sticks.

Some things I’m focusing on for the rest of November:

Nailing down my brand

Building my portfolio for my photography studio

Designing branding materials

Rose Drawing by Victoria Elena

I’ll have more tarot cards for you soon. For now, here’s a candle. My house is filled with them and they are always lit when I’m working.







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