Day 20/31 – Night Terror Demon

October 24, 2016

Night Terror Demon (Detail) by Victoria Elena

This is an installment of a daily project I’m launching for the month of October. I’ll create work revolving around the theme of identity and regrowth and I’ll update my blog with behind the scenes content, process, and finished artwork. Click through to read more. Catch up on the ongoing narrative here

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Here’s my first Night Terror demon. He’s taken directly from a medieval painting called The Temptation of St. Anthony by Matthias Grunewald. He’s the first of a mini series of demons I’m working on. I know he’s a little strange looking, but I’m going somewhere with this, I promise. Here’s the original painting (mine got just a bit smushed so I could fit him on the page):


I’ve had night terrors and they’re not pleasant. They’re the kind of dreams you wake up from screaming. Sometimes when you wake up, you still see things that shouldn’t be there. Reality bends for a few moments. What’s weird is when it stops bending. You forget the dream’s reality and logic. You can no longer make sense of its language.

I wanted to put a face to these terrors. So this was an experiment to see if I could paint something at this scale. It’s very small – only 5″ x 5″. I’m using gouache on BFK Rives paper in cream. He took maybe 3 – 4 hours to complete.


Night Terror Demon (Detail) by Victoria Elena

I’ll start featuring more pieces from my art history studies the further I delve into this project. I feel like I’m going back to the classics. This blog first started in college with primarily art history features and works inspired by them.


Night Terror (Detail) by Victoria Elena Night Terror Demon (Detail) by Victoria Elena




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