Victoria Elena, Self Portrait: July 2016

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Frankenstein Monster Halloween Print Giveaway by Victoria Elena


My Latest Film – A Promise

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Recent Blog Posts

Pumpkin Patch photography by Victoria Elena

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Night Terror (Detail) by Victoria Elena

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Jack-o-Lantern by Victoria ElenaDay 18/31 – Halloween Pattern (Download Your Printable!)

Victoria ElenaDay 17/31 – I Create My Own Self

Dracula Illustration by Victoria ElenaDay 16/31 – Dracula

Frankenstein Monster Halloween Print Giveaway by Victoria ElenaFrankenstein’s Monster Print Giveaway

Pagan Otherworlds Deck Photographed by Victoria Elena
Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Deck


About Me

Victoria Elena, Self Portrait: July 2016

I’m a photographer, illustrator, and oil painter who has a deep appreciation for the darker things in life. I’ve studied tarot for half a decade and I’m slowly bringing that into my art practice, as well. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of California Santa Cruz where I focused on the Italian and Northern European Renaissance and Medieval times. With that said, I adore all things Victorian. Currently, you can find me working on ink illustrations, my Daily October Project, and planning for this year’s NaNoWriMo.

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