Day 8/31 – Frankenstein’s Monster

October 10, 2016

Frankenstein's Creature by Victoria Elena

This is an installment of a daily project I’m launching for the month of October. I’ll create work revolving around the theme of identity and regrowth and I’ll update my blog with behind the scenes content, process, and finished artwork. Click through to read more. Catch up on the ongoing narrative here.


Boris Karloff is the classic monster, or creature, whichever you prefer to call him. I talked a little about him in Saturday’s post. I noticed in Penny Dreadful’s captions that they always refer to him as ‘The Creature.’ That’s the kinder name of the two, but it all depends on how you view him.

I watched a youtube clip of Marilyn Manson and his video diaries from early 2000. In one scene, he mentions how he doesn’t necessarily think of himself as a nice person or a mean person, he simply gives back whatever he’s given. I can relate to that. I feel like in a broader sense, this is something the creature goes through in his role in Penny Dreadful. He’s kind when he’s working alongside the blind daughter of the wax museum owners. And in contrast, he’s violent when the owners show violence towards him.

When put into the broader context, it shows us that we have the capacity for greater things in this world. I’ve heard some expression along the lines of – if you find that the world is cruel to you, look at yourself in the mirror and watch for signs of your own cruelty. Whatever you give out in the world, you attract tenfold. With this in mind, I’m constantly reminding myself to smile.

Frankenstein's Monster by Victoria Elena




Frankenstein's Monster (Detail) by Victoria Elena Frankenstein's Monster (Detail) by Victoria Elena Frankenstein's Monster (Detail) by Victoria Elena
The Process

Frankenstein's Monster Work In Progress by Victoria ElenaFrankenstein's Monster by Victoria ElenaFrankenstein's Monster Work In Progress by Victoria Elena

Thanks for looking! Prints are on their way and I’ll have a print giveaway soon.





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